Big Ticket Tuesday: Hulger Phones

Posted on September 9, 2008 Under Gadgetry

Greetings. Salutations. Time to win some free #$#% again!

If you’ve kept up with the site, you know about Hulger and their desire to see the whole mobile phone carrying world go retro. This week we’re giving you the opportunity to take home any of their chunky, corded handsets that connect to your slim, cellular phone.

The Prize: One Hulger handset of your choice (retail value, from $39 – $190)

This Week’s Rules: We’re feeling a little jaunty this week, so here’s a pop culture themed phone question: What is the worst cell phone product placement in a movie? Everyone has seen a flick that either puts the brand name front and center, uses the phone as a major plot device, or — if you’ve been out recently, as we have — just puts a whole f-ing commercial before the film. Point these out to us, and the one that makes us groan the loudest wins. Winners announced on Friday.