Big Ticket Tuesday: Makr Wallets

Posted on August 5, 2008 Under Fashion

Is it Tuesday already? While we’re busy devising ways to get you into first class seats, front row concerts, digitized gadgets and limited edition schwag, we thought you might like a nice amuse-gueules prize. We’ve been ranting about Makr brand leather goods, and now we want to put one in your pocket — wait, that didn’t come out right. Choose from all of their excellent lines, including the Lace (above, left) for the ladies.

THE PRIZE: A lovely Makr wallet (est. retail, $120).

THIS WEEK’S RULES: We have another simple challenge. Last week we wanted to know what Mr. Spear had in his bag. This week, we just want to know how much money you think he has in his wallet (at the time of this post). First two readers to get closest without going over … you know the drill.