Blanket Magazine Patchwork Poster

Posted on June 10, 2008 Under Design

The word “blanket” represents far more than a piece of cloth that keeps you warm at night or the bizarre nickname for Michael Jackson’s pseudo-son. It’s also a groundbreaking online publication that serves to “uncover new, emerging and established designers/ artists/ photographers, showcase their talent and give them a vehicle for self promotion.” In the spirit of that mission, the folks behind the online artist colony of sorts that is Blanket Magazine have just released a limited edition collector’s edition poster featuring the work of fifty-six artists from all over the world. The poster cleverly resembles a patchwork blanket wherein each individual square features the designs of a specific artist. Included in the melange of masterworks are creations by the likes of Andrio Abero, Jesse LeDoux and the Spear Collective’s own Jesse Hora. Every limited edition poster arrives in a distinct sleeve with an origami fold that houses a reference guide to all of the poster’s fifty-six contributors. So if anyone asks you about any part of your fancy new decoration, you’ll feel warm and fuzzy about knowing thanks to your ability to give a dissertation on each artist.