blik: Happy Anniversary!

Posted on August 17, 2007 Under Design

It’s all too overwhelming. Carmel posted about blik and Threadless yesterday, and we already have more to tell you about these re-stickably amazing decals. And what news! Today we actually have a reason to celebrate blik other than just liking what they do — it’s their fifth anniversary, and they’re celebrating by throwing a party in Venice, California. The main event of the party, which you’re invited to, is a live art installation from Undoboy.

Now, undoubtedly blik’s tacky (no, not that kind of tacky) designs are one of our favorite things in the world, but of all of the blik decals that we love, we might just love Undoboy’s the bestest. The tireless Spear Collective member has done quite a variety of work for blik "” some of his decals look like they come from the Candyland, while others look like rhinoceros poop. Rainbow-colored rhinoceros poop. The important thing is that all of his decals are colorful and innovative, so his performance today in Venice isn’t something you’ll want to miss.

By the way, the venue for blik’s party? Appropriately enough for a sticker company, it’s being held at Epoxy Box. Good sticking to you all.