Blue Blood Denim

Posted on September 7, 2006 Under Fashion

For those denim aficionados that love a great looking pair of distressed jeans, but hate looking like you just walked out of a homeless shelter then Blue Blood Brand has your back. Dubbed “the Human Experiment”, each Italian cotton picker and Blue Blood worker were given a pair of raw denim to wear for six months, after the six months were over the jeans were taken and each worker received a new pair. The worn in jeans were then dry cleaned, repaired and sent directly to a boutique near you. Each pair comes packaged in a Blue Blood potato sack. Some raw denim enthusiast might consider this cheating, but you get a great looking pair of distressed jeans that don’t make you look like you just got in a fight with a piece of sandpaper. No word yet on price or availability, but Blue Blood’s jeans generally range in the $250-$300 range and I would not be surprised to see these at around double and in very limited quantity.