Last Friday in Boulder, the young hipsters were out in masses– an unusual site to see them in such a large group away from “The Hill”. They were lined up outside a well-lit retail store– music, and heat poured from the double glass doors. People passing by on their way to the club next store gasped, “where are these people from?”. Realistically, Boulder got a glance at a demographic of young people who will probably be making their presence known more and more downtown after the opening of Installation Shoe Gallery, right off Pearl Street. The “Shoe Gallery” has a rotating theme–this months it’s “Positive Playground”. Nike Dunks, FC’s, and an array of other sneakers are placed creatively throughout the stores installed features; swings, see-saws, fake grass, across (brand new) toilets lined up against the back wall, and in retro lockers, reminiscent of high-school. The walls are covered in new artwork by Boulder/Denver locals Jason Thielke and Scot Lefavor. The public grand opening party will be this Friday evening, September 2nd. Finally, a sigh of relief, Boulder not only gets a shoe store– we actually get a damn good one… about time!