Posted on March 11, 2008 Under Art

These well-thought-up porcelain goodies are from the wacky imagination of Sao Paulo artist Buia, who made these when he went to spend time in Japan (he’s Japanese-Brazilian) and reflect his approach to art through organic and geometric forms. One is an ashtray that looks like a dog's head and the other is a pencil holder designed to resemble a fish. They come with gaping mouths and are also drawn on in the insides, which renders them absolutely and convincingly adorable. Buia is a mid-twentysomething Paulistano who studied advertising and marketing but soon went the way of the artist's life, a move that was worth it because he scored a coveted solo exhibition at street art gallery Choque Cultural early in his career. You can find his porcelain works through Tamarindo Concepts, a wholesaler of art lifestyle products like shot glasses and ashtrays by hot Brazilian street artists. Buia, coincidentally enough, will be one of the 12 artists to be featured in the Japan Pop Show starting this Saturday at Choque Cultural.