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We Feel Fine: The Book


Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know and becoming friends with Jonathan Harris through all sorts of different avenues, projects he has done, and more recently the times we’ve found ourselves in the desert in Jordan together. He’s truly one of the most thoughtful, inspiring, and talented folks I know. And I meet a lot of people.

And he has a book. And I’m so excited for him!

The book is called We Feel Fine: An Almanac of Human Emotion. It’s based on the extraordinary site with the same title. You can pre-order the book on Amazon for just under $20 and have it in time for the holidays to give it to everyone you know! Congrats Jonathan and Sep!

Flashback: Retro Design

image.jpg image.jpg

New Victionary book about retro design and how it’s appearing in contemporary graphical work. Looks good as both inspiration and a reference tool.

Emerged today as the perfect marriage between old and new, retrospective designs are deemed to be an inevitable phrase in the design cycle when designers begin to look back and find inspirations for new graphic styles in the depressive pixel age. Some think these designs has cheered the digital era with the lost enthusiasm for new findings and the future, others reckon it as a tribute to the prominent art and design movements between 1920 and 1990. Taking a trip down memory lane, Flashback unveils how the epoch persists to be an enduring spring with a bold and pronounced application of colour, shapes, typefaces and illustration works in contemporary graphic art.

Gestalten Books

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Two crazy (and crazy interesting) books from Gestalten showed up on my desk this week. Both are worth checking out!

The first is called Papercraft: Design and Art with Paper (top) and is all about the crazy and ingenious projects people have managed to do with paper and some serious time and dedication. The second book is admittedly bizarre but still awesome. It’s called Hair’em Scare’em and shows a collection of photographs exploring the inventive possibilities of hair as a medium for artistic expression. Yes, there are some crazy hair styles inside. Inspiration for the next time I hit the salon? Perhaps.

Andy Kaufman Wrestles The Ladies

andykaufmanAndy Kaufman was before my time but if what I read about this feud with Jerry Lawler and that “Man on the Moon” movie were any indication, this guy was a walking laugh factory. He blurred the line between the stage and his personal life and often times it was difficult to figure out if he was serious or if you were a victim of yet another one of his pranks. Perhaps one of his most controversial stunts involved challenging women in a comedy club to come on stage and wrestle him. He offered a $1,000 reward to any lady that could successfully pin him. He taunted the women with some pretty sexist, but admittedly hilarious, remarks. It’s clear if you understand Kaufman’s sense of humor that he was simply trying to entice them to join him.

Legions of women from across the country responded to the call, resulting in a barrage of hate mail (and love letters) from would-be contenders. Kaufman kept all of them and two of his colleagues Lynne Margulies and Bob Zmuda have compiled them into a book. “Dear Andy Kaufman, I Hate Your Guts!” is available Dec 1. From the preview I’ve seen, it does not matter if you were around when Kaufman was ruling the comedy circuit. You just need a brief intro into his wrestling stunt and then the pictures and letters do the rest to paint the picture of a legend.

Viction:ary's Colour Mania

image.jpgimage.jpg image.jpg

Good looking new book called Colour Mania from the folks at Viction:ary!

In a world where everything dances in a veritable kaleidoscope of colours, few of today's uni-colour design has successfully manifested the intrinsic expressive qualities of colours across a variety of design disciplines and genre, including corporate identity, exhibition themes, promotional campaigns, packaging, book designs, illustrations. Arranged in a spectrum of ten colour sections, Colour Mania compiles a simple yet powerful collection of designs that draws on the essence of a range of tints and shades, as well as a rainbow tone that combines every one of them. For a more personalised flavour, the title is available in ten colours for the readers' own choices.

SparkLife: Blogging New Moon

We’re neck-deep in a vampire renaissance. First, there’s True Blood, the Alan Ball created series that imagines Bon Temps, Louisiana as a place where strange and supernatural creatures aren’t just a result of second cousins marrying. And then there’s Twilight — the impossibly popular teen fiction books that make being really pale and aloof look cool. Who will make sense of this creepy pop culture movement? Dan Bergstein from SparkNotes has created a chapter-by-chapter blog that’s distills Twilight (and now the sequel New Moon) down to its ridiculous essence. Vamp fans love it because Bergs eviscerates their stories with a loving hand. I love it because it’s just damn funny. If you’re in either camp you should be following this. If you have no idea what I’m talking about you’re probably a man over 40.

Pinkghost x Chubby Book Series

pinkghost just announced the latest (and least exploitative) expression of fandom for all things round and chubby since Dance Your Ass Off. In collaboration with artists Julie West, Helena Garcia and 64Colors, pinkghost will debut the Chubby Books Series. The series combines a sketchbook, journal and postcard book into one “fat, cute, rounded corner book.” The books are indeed chubby: weighing in at a solid hard-backed 250 pages. Each volume features 10 artist-designed postcards, 100 lined pages and 150 sketch pages. Series 1 will be available in store and online beginning September 5th. Awesome.


Jolby and Friends &1: Everyday Shenanigans

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Josh Kenyon and Jolby. They continue their proud tradition of making our jaw drop this month with a new Zine and accompanying art exhibit entitled “&1: Everyday Shenanigans.” You can tell by the title that -despite their serious talent- this collection of mustaches, monsters, and plenty more where that came from, is more boisterous than serious. That sense of amusement makes it all the more worth our consideration and your consideration. Should you happen to be in Portland, OR on August 7th, we heartily recommend showing your appreciation in person by popping into the exhibit opening at Artful Goods from 5-8pm for a heaping helping of good-natured nonsense.

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