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Win Watchmen: The Art of the Film

The long-awaited film interpretation of Watchmen may not be in theaters until March 6th, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a sneak peek of this visual feast before it hits theaters. For those who need tiding over for a few more weeks, Wired is giving away three copies of Peter Abierto’s book Watchmen: The Art of the Film. This eye-catching volume takes the reader through the process of developing the film’s look, and offers a vast array of material from original storyboards to on set images. In order to win click here for more details on how to enter, and remember you must enter before 12:01AM PST, February 14th.

Kehinde Wiley x Black Light

Kehinde Wiley‘s relatively short career has been largely marked by his ability to take contemporary urban subjects and paint their portraits as if they were the noblemen of King Henry VIII. Obviously, there is a decent amount of political-historical finger pointing going on, but on pure surface value his works are stunning. If you have seen on in person, the size and craft Kehinde has will blow you away. The bad news about large-scale paintings is that we can’t all take them home. The good news: he’s got a book. In his first monograph book, Black Light, he collects his portrait work and attempts to shrink them down to a portable size. The book is currently available to pre-order from his publisher, Power House Books for $75, but I found that Amazon has it for $47.

Six Word Memoirs

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but what kind of image can be painted in just six? An astounding one according to the storytelling enthusiasts at SMITH magazine. The literary periodical that places an accent on personal narrative has just the material to prove it. Their latest publication, “Not Quite What I Was Planning: Six Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak”is exactly what it claims to be, a sprawling collection of 500 not so lengthy meditations on romance, and heartbreak, from a selection of notable names such as Marc Ecko and Dr. Drew Pinsky, as well as the not-so-famous. Each sample uses a maximum of six words to get it’s point across and does so simultaneously with both an astounding simplicity and deceptive complexity. The book is currently on its second tour and will be stopping in at Denver’s Tattered Cover Bookstore (in Colfax) today, January 27th @ 7:30pm, where local readers will be showcasing some of their pieces. This is a six word sentence.

Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined

In an era where porn stars look like runway models – with a touch of extra padding up top – the Suicide Girls are refreshing. The site, started by Seattle’s Missy Suicide and her friends back in 2001, features nearly 2000 official pin-up models, sans airbrushing, of all shapes and sizes. No wonder that it’s frequented by a million unique viewers every week. And, even if the pin-up site’s pics aren’t your fancy, they’ve also got interviews with everyone from Shepherd Fairey to Will Smith.

Recently, the company released a second photo anthology, Suicide Girls: Beauty Redefined, a 396-page coffee table packed with retro-inspired nude photos of women celebrating their bodies. And, if you purchase it through the site, you’ll receive a copy that is signed by art director Courtney Riot and Missy herself.

Mildly NSFW (depending upon where you work) pic after the jump.


33 1/3 Books

I stumbled upon the 33 1/3 books series purely by accident. I was in an independent bookstore looking for a good magazine to kill some time, and there they were: stacked in a neat line, their spines calling out to me. Meat is Murder, Unknown Pleasures, One Step Beyond… Those familiar phrases, which made perfect sense on my CD rack, seemed gleefully out of context in this environment. Or were they? Published by Continuum Books, the 33 1/3 series redefines the concept of a classic book. With upwards of 50 titles going deep into albums from Sonic Youth to Slayer, 33 1/3 doesn’t discriminate: Let’s Talk About Love (A Journey to the End of Taste) examines the essence of Celine Dion, and is one of the series’ bestsellers. I picked up the pocket-sized Pixies and Joy Division books, and would gladly return for Magnetic Fields and My Bloody Valentine.

In this digital age where liner notes are a thing of antiquity, words fail to convey how sublime and subversive an entire paperback book about one’s favorite album truly is. The books are also well-written and compelling stories. Once I’m done with my favorites, I’ll venture off into new territory. You can order the 33 1/3 series at Continuum’s website for $10.95 each here.The books have a dedicated blog where submissions for 2009 titles just ended. Potentials include everything from Jane’s Addiction to Young Jeezy. Somewhere out there, a Klaus Nomi fan is stoked.

Chuck Anderson x Wondering Off Into Space

Over the past few weeks, we’ve added Chuck Anderson’s website to the sites we check as soon as we wake up. His new book, Wondering Off Into Space finally dropped yesterday and we’re excited. Even better Chuck also dropped a few surprise details on us, like limited signed copies will only be $25 and a portion of the profits go to the Invisible Children fund. There is literary no reason why you shouldn’t buy this book — look we’ll even give you a quick link to the buy the book page of his website.

Chuck is one of our favorite illustrators (see our multiple posts about him, including this great interview).

Lou Reed Tonight @ Housing Works Bookstore

Lou Reed’s voice has been at the forefront of rock ‘n’ roll since he first appeared with the Velvet Underground & Nico in the 60′s. The Brooklyn-born icon has influenced generations of musicians and writers, inspiring everyone from David Bowie to R.E.M., by portraying a level of both sexual and social honesty that had never before been heard in popular music. Beyond his accomplishments with the legendary experimental outfit, Reed has continued to push lyrical boundaries in his solo work from 1972′s landmark Transformer album to 2003′s The Raven. The power of Reed’s words will be on display Housing Works Bookstore Cafe at 7 p.m. tonight, as he reads from his new book, Pass Thru Fire: The Collected Lyrics. In addition to reading some of the three plus decades worth of poetic passages, the esteemed Mr. Reed will be taking questions and signing books. If you’re planning on going, get there early because this free event is sure to be packed.


Sure, having everything online is nice, but nothing can replace the tactile feel of a great magazine. FUTU is a magazine that is doing things the right way. The Warsaw, Poland based bimonthly magazine is an international collaboration of design, art and future trends in luxury. Each issue is designed by some of the most prestigious graphic design studios in the world, including Studio8Design (UK), Albert Folch Studio (Spain) and Frost Design (Australia).

FUTU brings a new look to design, photography, fashion and luxury by combining the most advanced publishing techniques with the newest trends in graphic design and typography. Flipping though the pages creates a true experience, and as a result, readers receive a stimulating combination of articles, interviews, and art.

The latest edition has a limited circulation of 6,500 copies, is packaged in a specially designed carton, and come with a few extras (poster, stickers). If you want to pick up your own you’ll have to head to select book and concept stores in Paris, London, Milan, New York, Stockholm, Zurich, and Tokyo.


The Minute Glass

I’ve never been much of a morning person. My snooze button and I have had a love/hate relationship for years. Sure, I get a few minutes of extra sleep, but I’ve often abused the snooze and ended up being late. The Minute Glass has an ingenious solution for all you snooze abusers. It’s powered by magnetic induction which occurs when you shake the clock, requiring no batteries or external electricity source in order to function. When the alarm goes off, you have to shake it and generate enough electricity for the device to function for another full day before the alarm will turn off. All that shakin’ is sure to wake you up. Plus, the clock also has a built in LED flashlight for all your lighting needs.

Via Unplugged

Viction:ary Sale

The only thing better than having a few days off and pouring over beautiful books in the family living room? Saving money and having your choice of artistic topics to choose from. The Hong Kong-based viction:design team is offering 20% to 40% off select viction:ary titles, including the visual illustration-focused Fashion Wonderland and the spatial design book When Space Meets Art/When Art Meets Space. If their books about collaboration in visual communication are still available come the end of ’08, they could make a good houseguest gift when the next holidays roll around.

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