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Solar Weather App

Solar iphone app displays the weather in a interesting new way 1 590x393

It’s pretty. And it’s pretty nifty. Thanks Jeff!

This iPhone app displays the current and impending weather patterns in a unique and haptically-rendered colorscape. No charts, no graphs, only color. You can scroll up to check the forecast, pull down to reveal conditions for the next three days. SIMPLE. Pinch the screen to check out the weather for multiple locations you’ve saved at once. All of the viewing options can be seen with informative text, or without in a clean and elegant presentation.

Available now in the iTunes Store.

Rolls Royce Lego Engine


Rolls Royce has created the world’s first jet engine made from LEGO bricks. Oh yes, yes they did.

The LEGO engine is a half-size replica of the ‘Rolls Royce Trent 1000’, which powers the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane model.

The jet engine is made of more than 150,000 LEGO pieces, and was constructed over a period of 8 weeks by hand.

The company decided to make the LEGO jet engine for children to more easily connect with it (as they know what LEGO is) and hope to interest them.

More info over at Design Taxi.

Rip Cord Tape

Rip cord

This is why I think the next silent velcro is coming out of Quirky. The Rip Cord Tape.

Rip Cord is a simple improvement upon the classic roll of packaging tape. This tape has a small string running down the center of the tape. The user pulls the string to separate the tape in half. This makes opening boxes a cinch, as there is no longer a need for scissors, knives, or keys.

252 Rip cord string packaging tape

Calypso Crystal: Twitter Giveaway

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I’ve written about my love for the Calypso products in the past, particularly the amazing Italian leather iPhone case. I’m excited to announce a giveaway in partnership with CalypsoCrystal, and a fun one at that.

Here’s how to enter:

Send a tweet to @calypsocrystal and @joshspear with a picture of the saddest iPhone case you’ve ever seen. Beat up, no fun, un-sexy or just plain silly.

We’ll collect entries over the next couple of weeks and the winner will receive their very own bespoke CalypsoCrystal case.

Be sure to follow CalpysoCrystal on Twitter and Facebook.

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Incredible craftsmanship.

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Im-pressed Stationary

Stationery  Gentlemen  2

Im-pressed was founded by Traci Keen just last year, but she has already built up a pretty wide and fun selection of stationary, greeting cards, and the like. A career change from corporate finance led her to the letterpress– away from computers and back to working with her hands (she completed her B.A. in Graphic Design at Simmons College in Boston).

I’ve got samples in my office and I can tell you it’s great stuff.

My favorites are definitely Mr. Collar and Mr. Hat!

Rinser Toothbrush


Inventor Scott Amron is at it again, this time turning tap water into a fountain for rinsing after brushing.

No disposable cups to buy or throw away. No glass to wash or take up counter space. No changing hands to cup water. And, no more putting your head in the sink. Just aim the fountain where you want the water to be.

You can pre-order for a presage price of $22 here.

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Bowden and Sheffield iPad Cases


The Bowden and Sheffield are minimalist, hand crafted cases for the iPad. Available in leather and wool felt options. You can support independent craftsmen like Levi and Eric, student designers from Canada and Idaho who are running the campaign to get these made.

$15,012 of the $20,000 goal has been donated, but there is only 3 days to go. Good luck guys!

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Fabrik Flat sq  1 copy is an online members-only community offering designer products hand-picked by renowned international curators.  But now they’re coming to NYC.

Lift Bowls 2  Frederick McSwain

This coming weekend they’re having a Popup shop at Terminal Stores and The Tunnel, located at West 28th street and 11th Avenue.

Bold Chairs  by Big Game 3 jpg Bold Chairs  by Big Game 1

Stop by for products by Busso, scarves by Shonquis Moreno (big fan), Milk Stools by Alissia Melka-Teichroew and much more.

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