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3D Soundclash: London

How do we hear sound in three dimensions?  Check this video out, very interesting. People dancing to sounds moved around a room by a 3D joy-stick. Up to the ceiling and down through the ground.  Sophisticated and futuristic.

Blockhead: The Music Scene

The Music Scene.jpegBlockhead has only gotten better and better, and that’s saying a whole lot when you look at his contemporaries. Deeply intricate instrumental hip hop is a genre that gained numerous contributors after Endtroducing… told unspoken stories without the need for a lyricist. Subsequent albums made the style appear limited, as RJD2 managed only to put out one killer record (Deadringer), and DJ Shadow proved that being the founder doesn’t make you the king with The Outsider. After providing the maudlin soundtrack to Aesop Rock’s audible internal monologues, the New York based beatsmith dropped Music by Cavelight on Ninja Tune in the spring of ’04. While the record had depth and staying power, it wasn’t a demonstration of Blockhead’s full potential. The following year’s Downtown Science was a similar story. Two years later, and after a couple of solid mixtapes, Uncle Tony’s Coloring Book came out, and the path of this producer’s skill had hit a brand new checkpoint, and it happened to come at a slightly higher average BPM rate. Blockhead has been playing with Ableton Live, so we can expect something a bit more loop based with The Music Scene. If you’ve used the software or seen it it used, you can probably guess that a guy like Blockhead will run with it. The Music Scene is out tomorrow on Ninja Tune records.

Johnny 7 Stop Motion

Nice top motion music video for 1970′s punk band The Johnny 7 Combo and their song “I Wipe My Nose On You”.

Artist Andy Martin Says:

I created an animated handmade poster using a tub of black paint, a tub of white paint, photocopied images of the band, lots of newspaper pages and a flattened cardboard box. The strict rules I imposed on myself also included the use of only natural light and avoiding any fancy computer effects or short cuts. This made me concentrate purely on the stop motion and give the piece a punk spirit an energy that I think suits the song and the band.

Kid Cudi's Man on the Moon: The End of Day

js_kidcudialbum.jpg Kid Cudi’s first album (if you don’t count the 10.Deep mixtape) “Man on the Moon: The End of Day” just dropped and it is certainly meeting expectations. The 25 year old from Cleveland, Ohio rose to hip-hop stardom after being handpicked by Kanye West to appear on 808s & Heartbreak, lending his voice as well as garnering writing credits. Soon after, his anthem “Day N Nite” could be heard on the airwaves and clubs worldwide. His enunciation and flow is reminiscent of some of the best in the game and the tone of his voice garners respect but not fear. He’s someone you want to listen to, like a friend and while both Kid Cudi the rapper (as well as the man), gets a little emotional at times, he still keeps it fresh and interesting. His style is hard to categorize; “rap” is a safe bet but he has a knack for dragging out verses, turning raps into catchy songs that appeal to a broader audience. Take a listen to “Pursuit of Happiness” and of course the first single “Make Her Say” for a look at how diverse of an artist Cudi is.

Dot Allison x Room 7 1/2

If you know Dot Allison's past, you know her as for dance floor friendly tracks. Just a brief walk through her history, she headed up the band One Dove in the early nineties and became known for igniting the whole acid/pop/electro whatever scene. She went solo and pushed that sound through a few phases which leads us today when she dropped Room 7 1/2 on my lap. Dance beats turn into whispers of poetry and soft strums of a guitar. Sweaty ravers are just memories and old conversations. The record sounds like the weekend she stayed in, woke up early, wrote songs and didn't look back. I love artists who have eras in their body of work. Dot is definitely entering a new one with Room 7 1/2 and I'm totally digging it.

The album is up on itunes (both U.K. and U.S.) today and if you're in London head to Rough Trade Records on Brick Lane tonight for a little record release party. Things kick off about 7.

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