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Education City Commencement Speech

I was invited to give the commencement speech at the Qatar Foundation 2012 Convocation. An incredible honor.

Qatar’s Education City includes branches of the following universities: Virginia Commonwealth University, Weill Cornell Medical College, Texas A&M University, Carnegie Mellon University, Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, Northwestern University, HEC Paris and UCL.

Video is now up!

IWC Globetrotter

Supporting my friends at IWC around the opening of their flagship NYC store, they filmed a series of short videos– small snippets on a fewindividuals who call NYC home. Naturally for my video, I grew out a beard and then went in for an old fashioned New York hot shave for the Globetrotter video, as well as stopping by some of my favorite NYC establishments. Check it out, I think it turned out nice!

Today's New York Post

josh_spear.jpgI’ve just arrived in Jordan safely, and there’s a flattering piece in today’s New York Post about me! Give it a read and let me know what you think… “Josh Spear is living the slacker dream come true. A 24-year-old college dropout dressed in a T-shirt and sneakers, he’s the in-the-know guy corporate suits call into their boardrooms to answer the question: “How can we get young people to think we’re cool and buy our product?”

Interviews are funny. I certainly don’t feel like a slacker with this kind of travel schedule.

14 Days of Chrismukkah: One Year of FADER

The Gift: A one year subscription to your favorite magazine about music, style, and general fabulousness as well as the last four limited-edition 7-inch singles.

The Rules: Lots of people gathered around a table one day (or so the legend goes) to come up with the name (the) FADER. If you had a magazine, what would you call it? Reply in the COMMENTS section for a chance to win. (Give Me A Free Subscription To FADER isn’t really a great title name, FYI) Only one entry per reader. Duplicate entries will be discarded.

The Deadline: The contest is open now through midnight on 12/11

Interview in Soma Magazine

cover.jpg I’ll spare you all the details of what a Skype conversation from Tokyo is like, but there’s a nice little article about me in this months issue of SOMA Magazine. The article is called “Building Brands One Tweet at a Time: Josh Spear’s Digital Crystal Ball.” I’m blushing. No really, I’m blushing. I’d tell you all to go to the newsstands and buy it, but SOMA actually offers a digital version of it (page 24)! Save money and trees, and read it online. The picture didn’t really come out as expected — meant to be way more bad ass under the Torii gates to the Meiji Shrine in Tokyo. Damn art directors cropped out the top. Enjoy.

Start Wearing Purple

Picture 3.png

A few months ago a film crew, photographer, assistants of all types and literally dozens of people with color meters, cameras and lights descended on my NYC office and later at my home to shoot a spot and interview for the Yahoo! Start Wearing Purple campaign. A unique experience to say the least, and one of the most exhausting days of my life. Lights, camera, action. Not my world, but interesting to be a part of for a day.

The interview and photos turned out pretty well I think– but it’s always weird seeing yourself on screen and wondering what was going through your head, and how they chopped and edited you together in that way. For people that don’t know me very well, it might offer some better insight into where I work and what I do all day.

The campaign is what they refer to as a “call-to-action’ by Yahoo! for people to live life as an individual, and with an exclamation point. The campaign emphasizes (despite any economic situation) their roots through the color and spirit of purple — it means individuality, imagination and innovation.

In the Pioneers of Purple section, I’m humbled to be featured alongside big wave rider (and absolute bad ass) Jeff Clark, Kiva founder Jessica Flannery, music man Nic Harcourt, hit maker Larry Jackson, and site staple Simone Legno of Tokidoki.

The program features four main components. Technology (a set of pretty amazing bikes that take photos every 45 seconds around the world and stream them direct to Flickr), personalities (the pioneers of purple), some products, and the improvisation work done by Charlie Todd of Improv everywhere. There’s a ton of content over there so I encourage you to check it out– but be nice.

New York Times Magazine: Timeless Object

Nice shout out in Rob Walker’s Consumed Column in the Sunday NY Times Magazine, in an article entitled Timeless Object. Thanks Rob!
The absurd-sounding Abacus watch with its little rolling ball might make you "miss appointments" but it's likely to "get some attention," commented a writer on one such site, "Sweet." And really, if you're the alpha-consumer type who craves such a watch, surely you tote a mobile to tell the actual time "” and to call whomever you're meeting to explain that you'll be late. Again.

Pop!Tech gathering all about change

Nice mention in Portland Press Herald:

Josh Spear, who writes about trends in technology, fashion and culture on, said he came to Pop!Tech on a friend’s recommendation as a way to meet other creative people.

Spear said what makes Pop!Tech exciting is the spreading and exchanging of ideas.

“Equally as good as the speakers are the people who attend the conference,” he said. “You can feel confident that anybody you bump shoulders with waiting for something will have something interesting to say

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