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Denver Post: Brand Josh

I recently did an interview with Doug Brown from the Denver Post– he turned out to be a really great guy and we spent some time together talking about everything I was up to. He wrote a nice little feature about me in today’s Post on the cover of the Lifestyle section. The feature does a pretty nice job talking about the bigger picture of what I’m up to with Spear Consulting and a peak at how works. Thanks for the opportunity Doug!

Time Magazine: Messengers of Cool

A special welcome to all the Time Magazine readers visiting my site. If you didn’t see it yet, this weeks Time has a great article on cool hunting and trend spotting in which I’m featured. It’s called “Messengers Of Cool: How new digital networks help hipsters around the globe hunt for the next big thing. ” I was in good company, the article by Jeremy Caplan featured my site along side a few others, like my friend Bill over at The Cool Hunter, and of course Reinier Evers amazing site and excellent resource

The Boston Globe

Globe2”There’s a silent etiquette, I think, where most people in the community look for individual content because there’s probably a huge overlap between readership,” says Josh Spear, 21, of Boulder, Colo., who runs ”I always give credit and it brings reciprocal traffic. Our sites attract different people.” Full Article Here

Welcome NYT Readers

I wanted to personally welcome all the New York Times readers to my site– Rich Meislin gave me a nice mention in his article in the technology section titled Blogs 101., dubbed: “the pulse of cool”, was listed with half a dozen other familiar sites under the heading ‘Technology Toys & Cool Things’. I suppose this merits launching a proper press section, which will happen in the very near future! Also, a reminder: Don’t forget I still have a bunch of Bamboosa t-shirts to giveaway, you can sign up for the mailing list to be selected!

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