Many designers talk the talk when it comes to being environmentally conscious; the question remains, can they walk the walk? The folks at Core 77 are asking design firms, emerging designers, and design students to prove their dedication to the earth with their Greener Gadgets Design Competition. The contest, which will coincide with upcoming Greener Gadgets Conference in New York City on February 1st. challenges contestants to come up with new and innovative solutions to address the issues of energy, carbon footprint, health and toxicity, new materials, product lifecycle, and social development. Submissions will be judged on innovation, clarity of design, originality, form and presentation.

If you think you've got a winning idea, then you best be getting to work, because the submission deadline is January 27th. Check out the competition website for more details on how to get your entry in. Who knows by February 1st, you could be reaping the $2,500 first prize award. See, caring about the environment does pay.