Creamous was created by artisan, collector and all-around Funkbuilder, Alan Leong, to fill the void in that forgotten lovechild of Fashion, Art and Design (F.A.D.). Creamous represents the “melding of quirky art infusions, retro-fitted subcultural leanings, pop surrealism and post-punk sensibilities.” Alan’s latest endeavor is The Littles, an ultra-limited series of highly detailed handmade toys with hand-sewn bags. Each 3.3-inch figure comes with a backstory, including interests and hobbies. There are only three pieces of each colorway (purple, yellow and black), for a total of nine Littles worldwide. The Littles won’t ship until March, and have a steep-for-the-size price tag of $94, but don’t sleep on these clever toys if you want them: purple is already sold out.