Evite, the online invitation service behind those visually challenging email party alerts we’ve been getting since ’98, needs to die. That thought probably should have struck me around 2002, but it didn’t really hit home until this morning, when a newer, shinier and smarter invite service gently clued me in to the fact that Evite is- for lack of better words- washed up.

So come hence, thou Evite disillusioned, and let me introduce you to Crusher, a fresh and free invite service that will give you everything you never knew you wanted and more. Design layouts! Network! Add a map! Add a video! Add pictures! Ads… never!

So, Evite, here’s a friendly heads up: You might consider shaping up, because Crusher was founded by veteran designers and developers from Yahoo, Ofoto and Frog Design (ruh-roh). And you know, from a business perspective, nine years is a LONG TIME for something to exist without some serious competition. In other words, you had it coming. Insert evil laugh with multiple exclamation points [here].