Cutting Table No. 1

Posted on June 16, 2008 Under Design

Icelandic designer Sruli Recht has come up with an interesting solution for traveling fashion designers and students who have become frustrated with their lack of workspace while on the road. For Sruli, I imagine this idea was born out of pure necessity– Iceland is, after all, a pretty isolated place, so the ability to bring one’s work abroad is a must. The ‘Cutting Table No. 1’ – or as I have dubbed it, ‘Icelandic Fashion Designer’s Best Friend’ – is a collaboration between Sruli and FormFast, is made of cardboard, and is at once portable and sturdy. It comes with 3 collapsable drawers, jute strap moving/storing box, laminated white surface top, and all replaceable parts. It’s available at the Liborius boutique ($400 U.S.D); and rest assured, if you buy one, they’ll ship it to you (i.e. no trip to Iceland necessary).