Daily Dose of Imagery

Posted on May 5, 2008 Under Art

fog_toronto_east_clouds_wide_01.jpg shoppers-drugmart_perspetive_01.jpg

It doesn’t really matter if you like photography or not (although, who doesn’t?), Daily Dose Of Imagery should be a staple read for anyone looking for inspiration or visual goodness. Frankly, it’s a must visit for people who can see. Sam Javanrough — a Tehran, Iran native living in Canada since ’99 — has skills on the camera trigger to be reckoned with, which he has pulled off daily since July 2003 (the archives are deep and seemingly never-ending). Today’s post is an incredible cloud cover from Saturday evening. Yesterday’s was a drugstore aisle transformed into a moving photograph. He sells prints every day as well, from $18 for a 6-inch x 8-inch to $550 for a 44-inch x 50-inch piece. Keep snapping that shutter Sam!