Do You Viv?

Posted on August 21, 2009 Under Eco

viv.jpgGet stickers, green businesses: the idea behind sustainability and consumer-focused company Viv is a simple and free one that could also be the best way to make your credit card look better (short of getting a black AMEX). After customers place a small sticker on the front of their debit or credit cards and show it at the time of purchase, participating retailers pledge to make energy efficiency and other green improvements to their businesses if enough stickers come through their doors and patronize. Grocery stores, bars, "eco-gourmet restaurants," and liquor and convenience stores are all taking part, and their progress on their commitments to make their businesses more eco-friendly can be tracked by the community. San Francisco-based founder Arul Velan started the company after Stanford Business School and a stint at Facebook with the help of Dinesh Thirupuvanam, and the pair and their team have been seen recently at street fests and athletic events distributing their green stickers. A little good, a lil' green.