Dust La Rock: Rocking a New Website

Posted on September 24, 2007 Under Design

This world is a funny place, and sometimes the people with the funniest names make the most serious sh*t. Take Dust La Rock; we’ve written about his work with Beautiful/Decay and oneonenine before, but we’ve never taken the time to tell you to go to see his full repertoire until today. His new website went public this morning, and it’s a great place to delve deeper into Dust’s (Mr. La Rock’s?) catalog, and to learn a little more about him. (His real name is Joshua Prince, he was born in California and he now lives in Brooklyn. Yes, Brooklyn. Surprise.)

Who’s the star of the show here? Maybe Dust’s website for the Googly Eye Cru or his business cards for Oxy Cottontail…but I don’t like to play favorites with art, so hop on over yourself and have a look. Five minutes out of your day to discover a young graphic designer? Couldn’t hurt.