Posted on September 12, 2007 Under Life

We love Enjin, a high-quality skateboard company, for a bunch of reasons. Not only do they take the idea of skate deck artwork pretty seriously, they also have made it their business, from the get-go, to work with some of the best international artists around, including Spear Collective’s very own Matthew Curry. The young company is pulling all the stops to get their fresh brand rolling, including a newly launched website (that displays as much attention to design as the products they sell), a few interactive ways for fans to spread the word about Enjin, and an nice focus on the artists that make their boards so awesome. You can browse through enjin’s reasonably priced selection here, and then help spread the word by downloading… shoot. I was going to send you to an enjin stencil download so you could do some late night arts and crafts, but it looks like the link’s gone bad. Ugh, I bet Bush did it. I guess you’ll have to make your own with your old pal X-Acto — or just go the safe route via t-shirts and skate decks. Up to you.