Are you having trouble telling that certain someone how you really feel? We know where you’re coming from. Sometimes a text message is too impersonal and we’re not really good at talking on the phone either. If passive aggression, or I guess aggressive aggression is your thing, you can delicately hint at your feelings with a gift… the gift of words. And nothing says, I think you’re a jerkfaced-douchelord like throwing a beanbag with the words “jerkface” or “douchelord” right at the face of the person, whom you feel is best characterized by said word. Yes, the maybeyoushoulddie shop at Etsy has thought of all of the clever combinations of insults from “bitchass” to “whoremouth” totalling 16 in all, and embroidered them on these special Mean Bags allowing you to dole out hurtful phrases with pinpoint accuracy, while at the same time softening the blow with pillowy tenderness. So now I guess the only question is: does the victim of your wrath charge you with physical or verbal assault? (They’re presently sold out, but here’s hoping someone with nimble fingers is fixing that.)