Evil Monito x Kangol

Posted on September 21, 2007 Under Fashion

A family album, a statement of personal identity and a nod to tradition; it’s rare for an article of clothing to be any of these things, let alone all of them. Yet the two hats in the Evil Monito x Kangol collaboration "” a cabby hat and a fedora "” manage to pull off the feat, and to do it with absolute cohesion. These hats are instant classics.

The shape of the cabby model, and the fabric "” British millerain wax cotton "” are nods to Kangol’s past. The lining of both hats, silk printed with Evil Monito founder Rickey Kim’s family photos, are a nod to Kim’s identity as a first generation American and to the debt he owes to his father, who emigrated to America from Korea in the 1970s. It’s evident that Kim has had a complicated relationship with his father. “As a child, I grew to fear him. As an adolescent, I grew to despise him. As an adult, I no longer knew who he was,” says Kim. Yet by including his family album on these pieces, Kim has found a way to both work through his issues and do what he does best: make striking clothing. Of course, if you check out the Evil Monito store you’ll see a lot of nice things for sale, but you won’t see these Kangol hats. That’s because they aren’t available yet….but they will be soon.