Explosions in the Sky

Posted on September 13, 2006 Under Music

Chance is that even though you've never heard of Explosions in the Sky, you've probably heard their music whether it be on the masterfully done soundtrack to Friday Night Lights or most recently in a Cadillac advertisement. In reality though, the Austin, TX quartet of Mark Smith (Guitar), Michael James (Bass), Munaf Rayani (Guitar), and Christopher Hrasky (Drums) have done their best to avoid the commercial spotlight, despite numerous requests to feature their music. It is this sole dedication to creating rock symphonies that has most likely led them to be so successful since they formed in 1999 despite mass media exposure. Their performances don't consist of separate tracks, but melodic transitions that provide a never-ending, completely unique performance at every venue. Described as passionate, romantic, loud, melodic, powerful, tragic, and beautiful, Explosions in the Sky is one of the "greatest instrumental rock bands in modern history". Of their five albums and one soundtrack I dare not name favorites due to the perfection of each and every track!