Felix Populi

Posted on January 13, 2009 Under Design

When looking good and doing good come together, we at Josh Spear are happy. In this case, this feel goodness is being brought to you by a fictional character and her store. In 1998, Ben Sander conceived of Brini Maxwell, a British woman who is “part Doris Day, part Mary Tyler Moore,” and had her share retro domestic knowledge via an NYC cable access show – which was picked up for a time by the Style Network. And recently, Ben had the idea to have Maxwell launch her own company, Felix Populi.

Coasters, aprons, and dishtowels produced by Felix Populi are mostly available in cheery, bold colors. However, the fictional Brit has also designed a mod-inspired line of pillows that features the designs of a rotary phone, a VW bug, an LP, and the face of Maxwell herself. Even better, each month Felix Populi gives 10 percent of their profits to charity. This month, it’s MANNA, a Philly-based organization that delivers food to those who have life-threatening illnesses. So shop happy.