Field Notes: Redesign + Goodies

Posted on March 17, 2008 Under Design

To match their philosophy that yes, you can conquer the disarray of notes written on scrap paper spread all over your desk, in your bags and pockets (hello, that’s me), the brainiacs at Field Notes went on an organizing binge for the redesign of their site to include more information dispersed into different sections, including an updated blog that spotlights a vintage memo book, an Idea File area and links to publications obsessing over them. Field Notes caused quite a hubbub last year when they debuted their retro-looking notebook modeled after the practical format of old agricultural record books, which uses a graph-paper design. Until Thursday, you can get one three-pack of Field Notes for free if you order at least four with the code ONEGRATIS. Each pack comes ready for a flurry of productive note-taking with pen, pencil and other surprises they don’t reveal.