Follow the Munny

Posted on June 6, 2006 Under Art

Munny (Sponsored by Kid Robot) is supporting independent artists alongside our friends at Plastic Chapel and Capsule Gallery. They are having a Munny show fittingly named, "Follow the Munny" June 9th through July 14th. Featured designers include Evan Hecox, Scot Lefavor, and the world famous Jason Thielke (shown here), and you, well maybe. Part of the show is open to the public for an entry fee of $10 and there will be prizes for the best Munny including, money, money, money! Okay not really, but when else can you use that line? There are actually a bunch of great prizes including a signed Kozik 10" BONDAGE Smokin' Labbit. Entry deadline is May 31st so as Munny would say, "Work hard and practice" and get your best Munny out there for all to see! Details to the shows after the jump.

Capsule Gallery is at:
554 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO 80204
303 623-3460

Plastic Chapel is at:
8 W. Ellsworth Ave.
Denver, CO 80223
303 667-6246