For Orchestra! Radiohead and More!

Posted on July 21, 2009 Under Music

I’m absolutely loving the latest addition to the site For Orchestra!, a site put together by music composition graduate Walt Ribeiro. Users tip him off to songs they want re-arranged as an orchestra piece, and he goes to work. Check out this beautiful rendition of Radiohead’s Reckoner above.

When I choose a song, I understand that I'll be spending alot of time with it. There are times when I dislike a song I'm arranging but have to live with it, or eventually get sick of it. Luckily, Radiohead "˜Reckoner' grew on me pretty strongly. After a few days I began looping it for hours while I was walking somewhere or was waiting at the train station. I started depicting the lyrical meaning of the song and really getting involved in their song structure and repertoire. Into it? Keep reading.