Friends With You x Zune Arts: Tickle Party

Posted on February 14, 2008 Under Music

When we last caught wind of the whereabouts of the FriendsWith You gang, they were having their characters fashioned into Mimobots conveniently available by Valentine's Day. However, now that the magical day is upon us, the Miami-based Art Collective has set have set their lovable scamps loose on the Zune Arts page in a short entitled, “Tickle Party.” The film "a unique blend of stop motion, puppetry and assorted 3D elements,” showcases the adventures of a duo of white fuzzy friends as they climb a beanstalk and befriend a sad ruby-crying monster to the tune of Santogold's “Say Aha.” The music complements the song so perfectly that we doubt you'll be able to hear the song from now on, without wanting to watch this irresistible video.