From The Vaults: Book Gifts

Posted on November 28, 2006 Under Books

Often times when you get a book as a gift, you smile nervously, file it away into the book shelf and never glance at again. That’s not likely to happen with the books pictures above– so here are our picks from the vaults for best “books as gifts”, from political to die-hard design, there’s something in here for everyone.

The Best of Technology Writing: Technology is a pervasive part of our daily lives, and increasingly so. It seems as though with each passing year, technology engulfs another portion of each of us. It is an evolution for which I am… Continue Reading

Gorrilaz: Rose of the Ogre: As soon as the "˜Clint Eastwood' video came out in 2001, I was impressed by the Gorillaz"“ in my mind, they really are the pioneers of the visual integration of digital arts into the musical… Continue Reading

Victionary: Zoom In Zoom Out: Zoom In Zoom Out, the latest book from the folks at Victionary, explores design from a couple of different perspectives to create what appears to be a seriously… Continue Reading

Stingermania: This is a new and entertaining book called Stingermania by Jan Willem Wennekes, known for his fun and wacky illustrations. Wennekes studied Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy… Continue Reading

Vintage T-Shirts: If you read this blog a lot, you probably know that we are big fans of great t-shirts. I would wear a t-shirt every day if left to my own devices"“I like to think of them as comfortable little canvases… Continue Reading

World Changing: I've been a WorldChanging blog reader ever since I learned of them through my first invitation to the TED conference last year (I wasn't able to make it, but can't wait for this year's lineup). They just released their first book… Continue Reading

Rojo Books: Barcelona based Rojo just released a couple of their newest design and art Books. These ones are explained as: Lolo-Blanco, Sakristan-Heads or Tails, Juju's Delivery- The Dead, the damned and the children… Continue Reading

Talk Back: Anyone who has spent any amount of time in NYC would have noticed the hundreds of thought and speech bubbles strategically placed on advertisements around the city"“that's The Bubble Project… Continue Reading

Real Dutch Design: This year's edition of the Dutch design book is so real that the publishers added the word "˜Real' to the title. Real Dutch Design 2006/2007 is quite possibly the most comprehensive reference for anyone… Continue Reading

Help, It’s Broken: Are you rendered useless when you're faced with unassembled furniture? A leaky faucet? Broken lamp? If this sounds like you, I've got the book for you that I saw floating around the… Continue Reading

Freewave: Oooh fonts, designs, goodies, I totally love the concept of Freewave. It's a book and DVD packaged together full of cutting edge design that "allows immediate access to graphic design… Continue Reading