The Fuego 01 is the epitome of Father's Day gifts for the Dad who loves to grill, which I guess is pretty much all Dad's. Designed by former head of industrial design at Apple, and now Pentagram partner, the Fuego 01 has been crafted to meet every aspect of today's griller with convenience and style. The Quick-Change Drawer System allows you to change the heat source from coal to infrared, to gas by simply replacing the side drawer. Covered with shining Stainless steel, a counter top flanked with beautiful teak wood, and all the custom cooking electronics you could imagine, this grill is truly a piece of art and although it may not make it into MOMA's permanent collection, like many of Brunner's other designs, it will definitely be the centerpiece of your Dad's backyard! A barbecue designed by a former industrial designer for Apple? Our top pick for sure!