Fuji x Obey Fixie

Posted on December 4, 2007 Under Design

Even though my patience for adding an “x” in between every two words I write is wearing thin, I’m going to admit that, yes, I was expecting this collab frenzy to work its way into every corner of my life. Eventually, anyway. That said, this Fuji and Obey pairing has thrown me for a teeny little loop, because I’ve never even considered the potential ramifications of rampant fixed gear bicycle collabs. Here’s the problem with that concept: An ugly tee shirt collab still gets hyped, but most people will admit it’s ugly. An ugly fixie collab…well, everyone knows that ugly fixies are somehow almost radder than un-ugly fixies. Not that this one is at all ugly (actually, it’s so sexy it kind of hurts), I’m just saying that, when you consider the acceptance of ugly in the fixie nation in direct correlation to the amount of ugly in the collab world, it can only mean one thing: God we’re in for it. Find the rest of the details at Hypebeast.