Give a Drop

Posted on May 22, 2008 Under Eco

Time for some hard numbers. More than two million people die every year from water-related diseases and there are a billion people in the world who live without clean water. That's "billion""¦ with a "b." Think about that the next time you take a 45-minute shower. Singer Jewel and Virgin Unite want to change all that. Teaming up to support Project Clean Water, an organization Jewel founded in 1997 to provide safe water on a global scale, the not for profit foundation of the Virgin Group and the acclaimed singer-songwriter are looking for you to show you care with their latest campaign, Give A Drop.

The idea is beautifully simple; show you "give a drop" by donating at least $2. For most of us, that's less that what we'd spend on the average bottle of water. Add your name, location, and personal message to your donation and your drop appears on the homepage. Messages range from humane ("Clean water is a basic human right") to the truthful ("Because good intentions alone aren't very hydrating") to the hip ("I dropped it like it's hot").

All those drops can add up to make a big difference, with all donations going towards Project Clean Water's work creating sustainable solutions for villages around the world to access fresh, healthy water.