Goodbye Charles and Marie

Posted on January 3, 2006 Under Life

Dear Friends and Family,

Six months ago, I was contacted by two men who had an interesting idea to create a website. They wanted access to my readers, my voice and experience as a successful blogger. They asked me to participate in a speculative venture. I could never have predicted what would happen to our relationship, nor could I have known how it would end.

Sadly, I must inform you that I've completely ended my association with them. My friends, family and colleagues who worked with me writing, developing, and creating content have also left. I spent countless hours promoting their site; unfortunately, I referenced my association in interviews with internationally syndicated media sources, so it still may appear that I work with them.

Since I'm responsible for inviting tens of thousands of my readers to their site, I apologize for what now appears to be an error in judgment. As of December 24, 2005, I have had absolutely nothing to do with their content or direction. If you've tried to email me there, I have been unable to receive those messages and therefore cannot respond in any way other than through this post.

I welcome this change. Leaving has given me the opportunity to continue to build my creative group and to develop something truly remarkable with those I admire and trust. This couldn't have happened at a better time as we enter a new year.

I'm excited about the future. Thanks for your continued support and I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year.