EnrightbioMany of you might have noticed the posts kicking in from our newest contributor Andrea who is currently embedded in Eastern Europe. Andrea Enright, entrepreneur and writer from Denver, CO, is a Peace Corps volunteer living with her husband in Sofia, Bulgaria. She works with Habitat for Humanity and Traditzia, a foundation that helps socially disadvantaged artisans to help themselves through art therapy and direct market access. There, she provides marketing, volunteer management, organizational development (lets try staff meetings!) and coordinates private-public partnership. She also travels plenty and writes for the local English newspaper, a Bulgarian travel magazine, her own blog and to aid foundations for grants. While she’s not living in a hut, her Peace Corps experience has its own challenges, like sifting through the thick and grim post-communist dust of a repressed nation. After this goodwill gig, she'll be traveling around the world for six months and landing a stellar job in development. Look for her pieces on hostels, East-meets-West destinations and evolving traveler technology.