Like the comeback of three-piece suits, what’s old is now new and watches are no exception. Started by two young professionals, Hodinkee is not your average watch site. The name comes from a modified Czech word for watch. Structured in a blog format, the site highlights timepieces that Benjamin Clymer and his partner Dan Wieder find through meticulous combing of the internet. Frustrated by the lack of information on vintage pieces, the pair started the site as both an information center as well as to promote watch styles and fashion that may have been forgotten. While sites like Timezone and Watchuseek can keep you occupied talking about the latest and greatest models and features, a casual one-time visit to Hodinkee might yield something you’ve never seen before; a real gem. Most entries are links to actual watches for sale so the site is perfect for impulse buyers. Personally, I appreciate having a resource such as this. It saves me time and energy from having to look all over the Internet for that special wristwatch. Though only approaching their three month anniversary, the pair have big plans in store for the site including collaborations with companies to highlight items that may be tucked away in their vaults.