ICFF: Miscellany, Remainders

Posted on May 24, 2007 Under Design

This will be the last post about ICFF this year, I promise. There were just so many treasures hidden in the sea of eurotrash uh, trash that was too good not to share…after this we’ll be back to the bite-size pieces you know and love.

Rocking benches, snap-on wineglasses, Dan Funderburgh’s new wallpaper and more, after the jump.

Angela Schwab of INV/ALT has to have been the most gracious person I met at ICFF. As soon as she saw my press badge, she got all excited about the site as she, too, lives in Boulder and reads us on the regular basis — her enthusiasm was mirrored by my excitement for her darling line of ceramic coffee cups and wineglasses. Both versions come with snaps epoxied to their exterior — the wineglasses” stems snap on, as do the handles for the coffee cups. The extra snaps provided can be applied anywhere (like, say, the underside of a cabinet) and the pieces also connect to each other. It’s kinda like Lego, but with drinking vessels.

Jai Paguirigan of Hairy Dog Studios wanted to talk to me about my job as much as I wanted to talk to him about his super-fun baltic birch rocking bench (i.e. a whole lot). His bench is a series of three components: two individual rocking stools and a bench that inserts on top to convert it into the rocking bench. The gentle contours of the seat made it extremely comfortable, the colors are lively and it really, really made me want to have a backyard again.

Our boy and Spear Collective member, Dan Funderburgh, had his newest wallpaper plastered all over the booth for Flavor Paper. The metallics didn’t photograph all too well, but I can’t even verbalize how pimp they are in person — they just exude urban chic: fire hydrants and bicycle tires, chains and crucifixes. So freaking awesome.

Botanist‘s line of powder-coated aluminum and veneer tables and benches are, if nothing else, absolutely striking. Customizable in any way you could imagine — water-jet cutouts, customized color-ways and marine-grade vinyl (which looks and feels like leather), the possibilities are endless.

Areaware, as always, had some awesomely quirky pieces — the the piggy bank and hand shelves were so fun I had to restrain myself from buying them.

I saw DVider‘s stuff all over Brooklyn Designs (they provided column decals for one of the satellite locations), and was really stoked to talk to them about their design process and new limited edition decals. They also get the coolest press-kit award: it had a sample of that super-cute positive-negative dude in it.

I was sad to hear that Blu Dot‘s paperclip table had been discontinued, but looking at their progression forward, I think I’m okay with that. their new line of bed-frames, couches and desks just exude minimalist class, without being cold or frigid.

If I could have anyone come in and redo my entire apartment, it would be the team at Dwell (the furnishings line, not the magazine….although I wouldn’t pass up the their offer, either). This line is everything that says, “welcome home” to me. They are also releasing an organic baby line in September — just in time for the newest addition to my extended East Coast family.