It's about this time every year, as you stumble back into the office post-holiday, where you begin to realize some very important things. Like that you need a new calendar. Luckily for the style-savvy, designers like Imbroglio have new takes on the standard cross-the-day, flip-the-month variety that your bank may have sent you"¦ with pictures of puppies or infants eerily dressed up like vegetables.

Created by Jean-Pierre Vitrac and re-produced by London design shop twentytwentyone, the pleasingly modernist jumble of the Imbroglio Desk Calendar turns into a perfectly acceptable keeper of days. As you slide the accompanying magnet, along it focuses the eye and cleverly reveals the date from the previously muddled negative space.

Even better, it can be reused so that you won't encounter the same design dilemma a year from now.