Infograph 'Effing Hail' Game

Posted on May 1, 2009 Under Life

We’ve been digging on info-graphs for a while, it’s our preferred method of learning. Intuitiongames is hosting an info-graph game titled “effing hail” explaining the weather through destruction. For those of you that don’t know how hail is formed, basically small water droplets get caught in a whirl wind deep inside a freezing thunder cloud. The longer they get blown around the more water collects to freeze and thus larger hail. Wouldn’t you prefer an info-graph to that explanation?

The premise of the game is to keep the small pieces of hail in the sky so its get bigger and bigger. Once they get to a certain size the small gust of wind you control can direct your moster ice rock to crash into a skyscraper or a plane. Damage is the goal. I got to the level where you had to take out some satellites. I couldn’t do it, maybe you can. It’s Friday, let’s play games!