ISO 50's Three New Bears

Posted on May 23, 2007 Under Art

Scott Hansen of ISO 50 is sneaky. I don’t know how he got access to the information, but somehow he planned the release of some killer newbie prints to directly coincide with my latest moving/redecorating blitz. I’m not, like, upset about it or anything — the posters are going to look good in my new place, after all — I’m just saying that there should be some sort of waiver that lets people know that Mr. Hansen’s music, however pleasant it may be, a) lures you into a deceptive state of relaxation; b) sucks your brains out; and c) spits the contents directly at the master’s feet… so that he may find the exact dates that you will need wall decorations. I knew there was something weird about his double life as a musician/designer- no one can ever be that good at both without that extra little gift the Feds call “mind control.”

It just feels wrong, you know?

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