J3 Concepts + 4Impressions

Posted on August 29, 2006 Under Design

The works of Jared Nickerson's J3 Concepts are a great discovery on their own, but finding out what comes next is even better. His solo efforts in commercial design consisting of illustrations and wallpapers are amazing and culminate in a style that seamlessly combines elements of anime with silhouettes and layered graphics in both full color and monochromatic schemes. Unfortunately, Jared is quitting the solo game, but to our benefit joining the team of IMRIK, HeyLove, and RIOO (Marius Bauer, Cara Ellard, and Ricardo Hahn, respectively) at 4Impressions. Four Impressions is a free design project with the thought to help everyone to customize their computer desktop with suites and wallpapers. We are really excited to see what comes of this union and highly suggest checking each member's solo works as well!