Jellio: Kid Stuff

Posted on July 18, 2008 Under Design

Thanks to Jellio now you can design the room of your five-year old dreams. Bumping kitsch up a notch by mixing clean, modern design with the gadgets and toys of your childhood, Jellio's designs aren't so much a throwback style as a literal interpretation of childhood memories as furniture and art.

From Lite Brite and Rubik's Cube tables to a selection of juicy looking multi-hued GummiLights, the inspiration behind the designs is direct and literal: they're childhood indulgences brought to adult-sized life "¦ the kind of adult life where you need to buy furniture. Newly released items include the Button Bench, a rounded white acrylic bench covered in pliable plastic button candy dots, as well as their first foray into fashion and accessories — the Slate Bag. This Etch-a-Sketch-inspired messenger bag (and its companion, the iSlate) comes complete with a stylus and writing pads to doodle on the flap. When you're bored, wipe it away and start over. Fun!