Jeremiah Palecek Hearts Youtube

Posted on March 11, 2008 Under Art

It's been a little over a year since we mentioned Jeremiah Palecek and his unique brand of pop surrealism or nerd art. The Czech painter with a fondness for Nintendo and Google has his name on the tip of our tongues yet again, embracing his inner nerd with two new youtube-centric projects. For the first project, Palecek utilizes his fancy brushwork to capture the essence of some of our favorite viral video moments from over the years. Everything from the Mentos-Diet Coke fountain to the now infamous Tom Cruise Scientology video gets the canvas treatment and is available for your art-owning enjoyment.

Palecek's other youtube-centric undertaking asks viewers of his Youtube channel one simple question, ‘What should I paint?,’ Mr. Palecek will then paint whatever people write in the comment section. So, if readers ask him to paint something along the lines of say a Manatee mating with a Panda, well then he might just be inclined to draw it. What? You're not in the least bit curious what that might look like? Don't judge us!