Jeremiah Palecek: Nerd Art

Posted on January 19, 2007 Under Art

Many of you know about Tom Judd’s successful quest to illustrate one page per day for an entire year. Well, Jeremiah Palecek had the same goal, but he is a Czech painter specializing in nerd art. To Jeremiah, ‘nerd art’ means pixelated paintings, 80’s video game art, and other nerdy forays. I have to admit, I really enjoyed browsing his work– I came across a wealth of familiar portrayals– things like the Gmail log-in box (which I see 97 times a day), and the Konami cheat code for Contra (both pictured here). Jeremiah’s paintings will make you chuckle and feel nostalgic– all good art doesn’t have to be prolific, does it? As long as it creates a favorable feeling in my gut, I’m all about it. As an added bonus, on Jeremiah’s blog, each painting is accompanied by an entry written by Jeremiah that explains what each painting means to him; he gets pretty personal in his descriptions. If you are interested in purchasing some of Jeremiah’s paintings, email him from his blog. I may have to outfit my little nerd den (a.k.a. home office) at home with some of his work!