Josh Feldman

Posted on August 28, 2006 Under Art


If you made a visit over to Knacktion, you may have seen co-founder and visual artist Josh Feldman's work. Growing up in the Bay Area and attending the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design (RISD), Josh developed the style of work which he has been honing for the past twelve years. Like many artist Josh experimented with multiple mediums and approaches, but found himself gravitating back to an abstract and textural style seen in his current pieces. These have taken the form of a flat piece of art encased in clear plastic, or a dimensional work by breaking the plane into repeating panels that are mounted perpendicular to the wall creating art that is unique when viewed from different angles. Josh has seen some notoriety, being featured in the New York Times and receiving an award from WIRED magazine. Combining graphic design and sculpture, Josh's works allow us to find our own vantage point to appreciate his 3D artistry.