Josh Spear's Top 8 T-Shirt Gifts

Posted on November 23, 2007 Under Fashion


Shelta’s Ntrl Tiny Bubble Tee
: Read JS Review | Buy It ($84, Shown as 1)

Swedish designers always do it better, right? Ultra comfy, designed by Swedish brand Ntrl Tlnt (Natural Talent). You can thank the weakness of the dollar for the price conversion on this puppy!

Chuck Anderson’s No Pattern T-Shirt: Read JS Review | Buy It ($24, Shown as 2)

Who doesn’t love Chucky? What happens when the No-Pattern legend does a t-shirt, well, duh, it’s good. Kinda-funky design printed on AAA fabric, worldwide shipping is $10 from an international designer of mystery.

You Are So Last Year: Read JS Review | Buy It ($25, Shown as 3 and 4)

Pretty much every t-shirt YASLY drops is worth owning, from the Monster Eyballz T-shirt to washed out Aztec Patterns. Always limited edition, always soft, always classic.

Beautiful Decay Winter 2007: Read JS Review | Buy It ($27, Not Shown)

One of the softest-wear-for-your-money t-shirts on the market, the Winter 2007 Beautiful Decay Line is incredible to look at (they’re like works of art), incredible to wear, and damned near impossible to get when the line sells out. Get yours quick, they will be gone fast.

Hecklewood’s Teenage Wasteland: Read JS Review | Buy It ($32, Shown as 5 and 8)

Hecklewood is our favorite up-and-coming line– we call them the Portland bad-asses, the little t-shirt line that could. We’ve been long time lovers as they’re always on top of the best fabrics and most ingenious printing methods. This new winter ‘Teenage Wasteland‘ line is too much, we had to choose two pictures to share!

Monsieur T Winter 2007: Read JS Review | Buy It ($28, Shown as 6)

An oldie, a goodie, who doesn’t love funny French-guy living in Oregon t-shirt humor? Designs are always creative and quirky, I’m a big fan.

Star Electric Eighty Eight: Read JS Review | Buy It ($28, Shown as 7)

Arguably one of the most impressive new lines I’ve seen in a very long time, point blank, is going places. Go, indulge, the selection is incredible. The Jane Fonda t-shirt is just too much!

Momimomi’s TEaA Party Subscription: Read JS Review | Buy It ($120-$360, Not Shown)

A JS mainstay, a family affair, an always-in-the-ring for top 5 anything t-shirt related, Momimomi reigns supreme. Best gift of the season? Give yourself or a loved one a subscription to the Momimomi TEeA party, a limited edition supremely soft t-shirt every month. Just awesome.

Are you ready for the JS08 Gift Guide? If you are, that’s a shame; we’re actually not doing one this year — we’re going to do even better. Over the next month you’re going to see itemized lists, broken down into separate categories for your easy perusal, and all you’ll need to do to get to those posts is hit the “gifts” tag at the bottom of any of them. If you have any suggestions for a list, feel free to hit us up at feedback at josh spear dot com. If you’re staying in today (instead of braving the malls and stores), we salute your intelligence. If not, try not to get arrested. Happy holidays!