Kidrobot x The Simpsons

Posted on August 5, 2008 Under Design

The Simpsons series (out August 21) marks Kidrobot‘s largest mini-figure series yet. Twenty-four vinyl figures stand just three inches tall, but the implications of the Kidrobot/Simpsons collaboration are huge. Despite the fact that Simpsons-creator Matt Groening redrew his characters in Kidrobot’s signature Dunny/Munny style, toy fans cried foul (loudly) on the site’s forum. The allegation: This new release violates Kidrobot’s core philosophy that nostalgia equals death.

KR founder Paul Budnitz holds tight to the belief that reminiscing on the past is a sure-fire creativity killer. His company creates urban art toys with a focus on fresh designers from the international graffiti scene. He points to subjects like dinosaurs and Stormtroopers as toys people buy due to memories, not artistry. And yet, the citizens of Springfield are unequivocally linked to nostalgia; be it their sloppy origins on the late 80s Tracey Ullman Show or the catch-phrases that became T-shirt fodder in the 90s. In an unprecedented move, Budnitz turned to his blog to explain his decision process, where he, among other things, discusses what really sucks (which, according to Paul, do NOT include LaCoste shirts, the Muppets and France).