King of Spades, Queen of Hearts: Mimo-lust

Posted on September 20, 2007 Under Gadgetry

A couple of great stills from an animation of the King and Queen meeting on the Mimobot we just released for the 2007 artist series. Along with the super-sexy USB drives in many different capacities, the über-bot is full of tons of awesome Undoboy/Collective content like icons, wallpapers, graphics, and songs you can’t get anywhere else. Yes, I’m shamelessly promoting the Spear Collective, and the bot our beloved Undoboy (to the rescue) created. They’re great, you should have one, or two, or maybe even three. But there aren’t many, this puppy is limited edition! Maybe we should give away a couple right now. First person to tell me which member of the Royal Family who has a birthday that coincides with the first day of the Summer Olympics in Beijing wins a set of 2GB Mimobots. Tricky, I know, but let the Mimbots guide you. Go, Go, Go!