Posted on July 26, 2006 Under Life

Knacktion The newly launched site knacktion is a place where people can go to showcase and promote their talent, digital media creations, and collaborate with others absolutely free! The site boasts many features including the ability to allow content, especially music, to be licensed by commercial producers. Thus, if a user posts his/her recordings to the site, indie filmmakers, music producers, and anyone desiring to use the creation can purchase a license to use the track(s). The site also includes things an applause-o-meter, allowing users to rate each other and in the future will even allow users to host their own contest, setting entry fee's, prizes, etc. Right now the 10 people who sign up the most new users will take a share in a $2000 prize, so no matter if you're an athlete, musician, writer or designer, head over to the site and flaunt your knacktion!