La La: Discover, Listen, Enjoy

Posted on June 1, 2006 Under Music

With digital music pumping through our iPods all day long, CD’s can seem like a thing of the past– but to many people the truth is they still aren’t! The music industry still strives off selling artists’ music, but many smaller artists never see those big dollars! That’s why devout music fans John, Billy, Anselm, and Bill have created the music co-op, La La, for the benefit of artist and their fellow fans. La La allows members to trade used CD’s for only $1 each and has over 1.8 million album titles available, making them the largest, most diverse music store on earth (Even larger than Amazon!) It may sound like big business and it is, but La La differs in their outlook on artist reparations, giving them an unprecedented 20% of revenues from used CD sales. A company that respects artist both small and big – now that’s good musical karma I could use a piece of!